Workflows for Trello

Define a powerful workflow schema for your board

€2 for private boards or €2 per user per month (€50 max)

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Docs and instructions

Building your Workflow in editor

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  1. Click a list FROM which you want to allow a transition.
  2. Click a list TO which you want to allow a transition.
  3. That is pretty much it! Now you can move cards strictly from the list you’ve clicked first to the list you’ve clicked second.
  4. If you want to deselect the from-list, you’ve already chosen, just click it once again.
  5. If you want to delete an existing transition, just click red “Remove” caption on your Workflow schema.
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How it works?

  1. Take a look at a Workflow in editor. You can move cards only within transitions, that you’ve set up in editor.
  2. Once a card is moved in a way restricted by your Workflow, it will be forced back to its current list.
  3. When a card is forced back, you’ll get an appropriate message on your board.
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Card position constraint

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  1. One more feature that you can enable in the editor is the card position constraint.
  2. Once you’ve created the transition by selecting FROM and TO lists, position constraint controls will appear above FROM list.
  3. Toggle position constraint controls on. Now only the first card in the list can be moved to the next list within your established transition.
  4. If the card is not the first within the list with position constraint enabled, it will be forced back to this list upon move.
  5. Just toggle position constraint controls off to disable the feature.
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Manage transitions from a card

  1. On a card back you got a “Transition To” button.
  2. Click it and you’ll see all the lists, the card is allowed to be moved in by your Workflow.
  3. Click on a list and confirm your choice.
  4. Convenient, eh? Now the card is moved directly to the allowed list.
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Force restricted transition

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  1. After the card you’ve moved has been forced back to its current list, you are still able to force a move of such card in a way restricted by your Workflow.
  2. Just grab the card that was forced back to its current list and drag it to a desired list once again.
  3. But remember! Your Workflow will allow you to force a card to a restricted list only during 3 seconds after this card was forced back to its previous list.
  4. Don’t abuse this feature and force a card transition to a restricted list only if you’re absolutely positive with this course of action. You’ve built your super cool Workflow on a purpose, after all.
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Private use (e.g. any personal board)€2 / month (fixed price)
Team use — up to 5 members€10 / month (fixed price)
Team use — from 5 to 25 members€2 per member per month (dynamic price)
Team use — above 25 members€50 / month (fixed price)

Devs' Note

Ahoy, community! While mastercrafting awesome tools here at Lizard Brain, we are always driven by your love and choice.

Many of you guys, who use Trello, entrusted our Workflows for Trello Power-Up to do the best in organizing your boards into super-cool and well-planned tasks flow.

Your vast feedback, loyalty and the most interesting cases to use Workflows for Trello bind our team to add even more delicious features to this Power-Up in the near future. So stay tuned.

For all you nice lads out there, not sticking to Trello culture, we recommend you to start using Trello. It will help you to handle your day-by-day routine and your business endeavors in a very convenient way.

And definitely, you should give our Workflows for Trello Power-Up a shot to enhance your Trello boards. It is both extremely powerful and two-clicks-simple Power-Up, which allows you to build, manage, overview and enforce a card movement schema of any complexity within your Trello boards. It is solely capable of turning your Trello-powered project from a chaos into a state of the art workflow. Workflows for Trello is a pure cloud solution, 100% Trello-native, doesn’t require any browser plugins or other magical shenanigans and it’s 20% cooler than any board utilities you’ve ever used in Trello 😉

Staying with you to deliver more top notch stuff. Vitalii and Vadym of LB Team.