Planning Poker for Trello

Estimate your work accurately and bias free

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No Chrome extensions needed!
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Real-time collaboration

Would you expect anything less?

Aggregated points per list

A quick and easy overview of the totals from all your team's estimates across the board

Color coded sizes

Differentiate the size of each task to speed up grooming

Estimate on the card

Missed a card during your estimation session? No sweat - simply edit on the go!

Integrates with reporting Pups

For example, you can now set estimates as card titles for integration with Corrello

Works with Trello Desktop version

Aw yeah - it works with the Trello native app too

How to activate this Power-Up

1. Click "Power-Ups" in "Show Menu"
2. Type "Planning Poker" in the search
3. Click "Enable", and you're set!